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Kelderman Suspension Lift Kits
Kelderman Airbags are the only way to go for raised, adjustible suspension. Give your truck a lift of up to 14 inches for on and off-road use, then lower it down 3-4" so you and your passengers can enter and exit the vehicle with ease, or rise it up another 3-4" for an added attitude in the praking lot. This gives you over 10" of suspension travel!

With Kelderman Lift Kits you get the look gained by normal suspension lifts, plus added convenience and superior ride quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

» Can I run the bags empty? It will not hurt the bags to run empty, but the ride will be very harsh. When the bags are empty, you probably will not be able to turn very sharp because the tires will rub on the lower rear part of the fenders.

» How tall can I run the bags? Running the bags completely topped out will not only yield a harsh ride, but typically put the pinion angles, driveline and alignment out of specs. It will ride harsh because there is no rebound if they are topped out. When the bags are all the way up, the front left tire will tend to be sticking out of the front fender well farther than the right front.

» Should the bottom of the bag be straight? Not being straight will not hurt the bags. Air bags are run in industrial applications up to 30 degrees. We try to keep the bags straight as possible, but the bottoms may be angled a little as the pinion angle of the axle is set. As far as up and down goes, the kits are designed for the bags to set pretty square. If your application has an adjustable panhard bar, use that to make sure the axle has the same amount sticking out from side to side. Once this is equal, the bags should be straight.

» Do the bags wear out? As long as the bags do not have anything rubbing on them, they should last for years. Periodically check your bags to make sure nothing is rubbing on them and no rocks or debris has lodged in between the air bags and steel framework. Be sure to thoroughly wash the bags after mudding. Blowing a bag should be no rarer than getting a flat tire.

» What should my bag's height be? Use the following chart to monitor your bags heights.

Bag Number Air Ride Height
8979 bag 6.5 inches 11-13 inches
5323 bag 4.5 inches 7-9 inches
9619 bag 10.5 inches 14-18 inches
5770 bag 4 inches 7-9 inches

» Do I need limiting straps? Unless you are planning on jumping your truck, limiting straps are not required. The only other time they would be helpful is if the truck is going to be lifted by a frame hoist/lift with the shocks removed.

» Can I blow up a bag? The bags are designed by Firestone to be operated at a maximum continuous pressure of 100 psi. The bags are also pressure tested to operate at over 300 pound spikes. With the air compressors that we use, it would be very difficult to blow up a bag.
The man behind Kelderman Air Bag Suspension Lift kits is Gary Kelderman, who started his business in the 90s. Initially,it was his desire to be able to create a "tender" back to give his truck a smoother ride which led him to manufacturing Kelderman Air Bag Suspension. Air Bag Kelderman provides rear and back suspension lift systems which include bolt-on installation to display an excellent look for your truck body. Most importantly, Kelderman air bag suspension lift kits are assembled under strict supervision to provide customers with heavy duty products and ensure the quality that they deserve. Kelderman air bag lift kit is concentrated on elevating the front and rear end of your 4WD. This will in effect fuel up your ride to function to its maximum potential in any off-road expedition. If you may ask, Kelderman air bag suspension lift kits are made with high-standard steel to endure prolonged use. The high performance capabilities of Kelderman air bag suspension lift kits are the pride of its manufacturer. Each air bag lift kits Kelderman we sell is formed to fit your vehicle and to make big-sized tires fit in. Here we offer Dodge Pro Comp lift kits at lowest prices and guarantee that products are at an A1 condition. Please feel free to refer to our contact information for more details.
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